Tower Busters

Tower Busters or E.S.P's (Energetic Space Protectors) Tower Busters
Tower Busters are the most effective way to clean up any environment from electrical radiation. Because of their simple and convenient design, TB's can easily be used to grid your home, property, and community. Our TB's are made with various metal shavings other minerals that greatly increase the effectiveness of the Tower Buster ability to clean up electrical pollution.

Tower Busters can also be used to grid your home and your property. The best way to do this is to place one at the each corner of your house and then each corner of your land. All cell phone towers that are within a couple miles of you should be "gifted" with some form of orgone purifying device as these towers are the source of massive amounts of DOR (dead orgone radiation). ELF Waves, Microwaves, and 60 hertz frequencies are harmful to nature and should be neutralized with energy transforming orgone generators. The shift that takes place after transforming these energies speaks for itself.

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